Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Sierra College

I am proud to be a full-time faculty member at Sierra College, a community college in Placer County California. 

As a past community college student, and a third generation community college instructor (my father and grandfather both taught art at community colleges), this makes me a strong supporter of the mission: an affordable educational option for an associate degree, career and technical education, as well as lifelong learning and enrichment.

Below are upcoming classes that I’ll be teaching with detailed descriptions. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the specific classes or the photography program at Sierra College.

Sierra College - Fall 2023

  • Photo 60a - Elementary Photograph
  • Photo 75 - Intro to Digital Imaging (Photoshop)
  • Photo 80 - Color Photography
  • Photo 90I - Night Photography Workshop
  • Photo 90T – Travel Photography Workshop (Camping Field Trip to Mono Lake & Bodie)

Sierra College - Spring 2024

  • Photo 60a - Elementary photography
  • Photo 70A - Studio Lighting
  • Photo 75 - Intro to Digital Imaging (Photoshop)
  • Photo 88 - Business Practices for Photographers
  • Photo 90L - Field Workshop: Landscape (Field Trip to Point Reyes)

What to expect in my Sierra College Classes:

Photo 60a – Elementary Photography

This entry level class will expose you to important foundational aspects of photography, both technically and conceptually. You will learn how the camera works, as well as how we look at, experience, and understand meaning in photographs. We start with digital dSLR cameras to learn metering, exposure, focus, and other technical aspects of the camera. During the second half of the class, we also will capture images with traditional film cameras and experience the magic of the working in the darkroom! While this is an intro level class, most students with existing experience say they also learn many new things.
NOTE: This class is a pre-requisite for many of the other Sierra College photography classes, and also qualifies as an art elective for many of the other majors at Sierra.

Photo 70A – Studio Lighting

In photo 70A you will learn how to control studio lighting to draw shape and form, and make your subject look it’s best. We cover lighting portraits, still-life, food, and even a bit of outdoor lighting concepts. While the class has a bit more of a commercial direction, fine-art students also learn the value of better controlling light to help express their concept and message.

Pre-Req: Completion of PHOT 60A with grade of “C” or better; and completion with grade of “C” or better or concurrent enrollment in PHOT 75 or 78

Photo 70B – Advance Studio Lighting

Students in Photo 70B produce a portfolio of work utilizing and expanding on their skills learn in Photo 70A.

Pre-Req: Completion of PHOT 70A with grade of "C" or better; and completion of PHOT 75 or 78 with grade of "C" or better

Photo 75 – Intro to Digital Imaging

This course could also be called “The Photoshop Class”, as we learn the powerful tools in Photoshop to enhance our images, or to create images that can’t be captured in a single image. We will explore basic scanning, image adjustments, retouching, compositing, and file preparation for printing and other uses. This is a beginning level class, and no previous experience is required, but we will move quickly and cover many of the most important aspects of Photoshop.

Photo 80 – Color Photography

In this class we’ll delve deep into multiple aspects of color. We’ll start with the Physics and Physiology of color to explore how color is created, and how we see it. We’ll discuss how we experience color, including the emotional and symbolic aspects of color, and how that is important to our photographs. We’ll explore the history of color photography, and how our current digital camera record color. We’ll look at the important aspects of Color Theory and discuss why the RGB and CMYK color wheels are not the same color primaries that you learned in kindergarten or your traditional art class. We’ll then look at color reproduction, color-management, and how to accurately reproduce digital files and print color photographs. Whew, it’s a full class, and I must say that it’s one of my favorite classes to teach!

Pre-Req: Photo 75 or 78, with a grade of “C” or better
NOTE: This class is only offered in the Fall Semester

Photo 88 – Business Practices for Photographers

Most photographers are self-employed, and this course teaches the important aspects of what it means to be a self-employed photographer and small business. We will cover the business practices for commercial and fine art photographers, including: elements of starting and running a photography business, managing overhead, taxes, insurance, copyright law, contracts, pricing, marketing and advertising. We’ll discuss the importance of networking and where to get additional information from professional photography organizations. Ultimately you will create a business plan specific to your photography goals.

NOTE: This class is only offered in the Spring Semester

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